Isaac Haxton has finished his education from the Brown University and has been an Ivy League graduate. His passion for the game began when he saw people winning huge sums of money in online games. He also decided to try his hand at the game and started learning the strategies for grand success. His learning process was also combined with earnings as he decided to make the live poker turf his winning ground. His online earnings is substantial and this is what keep him going for more. With lots of game to play online, Isaac Haxton has proved that he can play to win. This is not an easy task and every online player who has not had success so far can vouch for it.

Isaac Haxton has seen major online wins in his career and his total winning prize comes to more than $4,000,000! This whooping amount has made him a dominating opponent and has secured his place it the top winners of the online game. Winning millions on the live scene did not satisfy him, be also wanted to try the tables and prove himself there too. In the year 2007, he managed to secure amongst the top positions by finishing runners up at the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure; at this time this event was a part of the World Poker Tour.

After this, there has been a series of wins for Isaac Haxton which has increased his ranking and also has proclaimed him to be one of the most inspiring players of the recent times. He has the reputation of defeating the most seasoned players and also winning huge cash prizes on the way. He has proved himself both on the online and the live turfs and has performed equally well on both the grounds. He has managed to defeat the most elite of players easily and also has acquired his position amongst them.