Robert Mizrachi the well known face of poker was born in Florida in the year 1978. From early years of his life, he was accustomed with poker game. His mother was his greatest teacher who taught him about poker game from his childhood. He was the poker tutor for all his younger brothers. All the Mizrachi brothers have well established career in poker.

In the year 2003 he first marked his place in the field of poker by participating in Sands series event. In the event of $1000 No Limit Hold’em he earned the second place for only $24K. Such a success inspired him to aspire high to gain more money. He participated in several live tournaments and won several jackpots.  The year 2004 too witnessed his proficiency in the game when in Amsterdam; he won the Poker Master Classics. This win showered on him when he played for $482K.  He played at an outstanding level in the $7800 Tour Poker Caribbean Adventure. In this tournament he ranked fourth for the amount of $409K.

In the year 2007 he created a record with outstanding score in the WSOP.  He marked his presence in WSOP by winning a prestigious bracelet. He was the first person from Mizrachi family such a prestigious bracelet. He played six games in the year 2007 and out of them in three, he reached final. At PLO tournament, he name was written as one of best player in the poker game when he competed with some renowned names like Steven Sung, Marco Traniello, Doyle Burnson and Tommy Ly.

In 2009, at Aruba Poker classic event, Robert Mizrachi ranked second for an amount of $414K.  He has earned almost three million dollar in all the live tournaments that he has played till date.