Poker Asia pacific poker tour tournaments continued this week and the show was exceptionally breathtaking. The event has attracted a number of 100 entrants on it day 1 b of the 2013 Asia pacific tour Seoul main event. These poke tours do not seem to end. This is due to most people realizing that the poker industry is more of a business than just a game and are quickly making careers out of it. Well, you know what they say in poker, every hand is a winner and every hand is a loser. Looks like a risky business right?  Risky or not, every tour made is another millionaire made! Asia pacific tour Seoul main event which at the end of the day had a mike Kim crown the victor with the biggest stack of about 179, 300. Can kampanatsangakakon followed closely with 134,500 both making it as the players with the six figures on the day 1b of the event. However, every game must have a loser and day 1 was not quite kind to many players who were eliminated by the end of the games.

Some of the players eliminated included a team poker pro Celina Lin who didn’t survive the day with the same fate falling on Pokernews own Kristy Arnnet. The games had 8 levels with each level lasting fro 75mins and only 35 players made it to Saturday, day 2 of the event. The play continued on the second day with all players struggling to make it down to the final table. The day two of play witnessed a high level of play in all tables and with no doubt with Kim managing to maintain his lead all through the day.